J and G Thomazin

It is with high regard that we recommend Celebrity Dog Training, and Manny Lopez for very professional, skillful, gold medal dog training.
We contracted with Celebrity Dog Training/Manny Lopez to assist in training two very lively 16 week old Golden Retriever puppies. after six weeks of training with Manny, the “girls” had learned the basic skills of sit/stay, down/stay, come and leash walking.
In addition to the basic commands, our dogs were taught to stay out of certain areas of the house, to stay off of any carpeting, to not drink out of the pool, and to use a doggie door.
Manny’s ability to take an unruly puppy and get her to obey his commands within minutes was simply magical. The dogs would look at him, listen to him, and they adored him.
By the time our puppies were 6 months old, we were able to co-exist with them while living and traveling on a boat for six weeks. They were obedient and behaved quite respectfully in a very foreign atmosphere for such you puppies.
Manny taught the dogs the commands and us the techniques to reinforce the commands. He gave us many helpful suggestions for solving annoying puppy behavior and to ward off potential bad habits, as well as useful housebreaking techniques.
Our “paws” go up for Manny. He was always prompt for our sessions, personable and professional. He did a “dog gone” good job…….his training was a “howling” success!!!
J and G Thomazin
Marco Island, Fl